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I'll put links to useful stuff and credits and stuff!

  • Repth's Themes
  • As you can tell, I used theme 25! This site made it a lot easier for me to make my own site because you can use the themes and customize them as much as you want!!
  • Patterns/Backgrounds
  • This tumblr blog has a ton of patterns and backgrounds that you can use for your website!!
  • Glitter Graphics
  • This one is self explanatory, there are a lot of glitter graphics! But it also has gifs and codes that you can use for your site, I used the falling gifs code!!
  • RV's JS Effects
  • This website is useful if you want javascript effects on your site (javascript is HARD!) I liked using the rainbow text!
  • Geoblinkies
  • This site lets you look through old geocities graphics!

    Also I can add links to your site here if you want :P

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