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About Me!!! (not really..)


I go by many names on the internet. Salty. Saltshaker. Seattle. Sodium. (thank u Nyatsuyay!) You can call me Mai or Kenpi!!! My favorite color is red and my favorite thing in the planet is CLAMP and anything that has to do with it! (If that wasn't clear enough)

My favorite CLAMP series are Tsubasa, Duklyon, and Cardcaptor Sakura!! (XXXholic is also very fire) I like clear card too but I prefer the original... My favorite episode of CLAMP School Detectives is episode 13 and 15 because Duklyon made their most FIRE cameos those episodes.

I also like other things like magical girl anime and manga, Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura were my first two!! I also love Tokyo Mew Mew, Ojamajo Doremi, and Magic Users Club (Idk if this one counts...)!!!

one of my favorite aesthetics are gothic stuff including lolita fashion (except I wouldn't really find myself wearing frilly stuff like that...)

my favorite animals are pandas, dolphins, and bats!!

I also really love Pandora Hearts... (Break, Sharon, and Reim are my faves) I ALSO HATE VINCENT. HE'S BORN ONE DAY AFTER ME... AND HES TERRIBLE! I just don't like him. I don't understand why everyone finds him to be the most attractive man on earth. Lotti is also cute but she kinda freaks me out. ALICE, OZ, AND GILBERT ARE ALSO THE BEST FAMILY EVER!!!!! (Second best.. Tsubasa family better.)


I will talk about CLAMP here. (Long warning!) (I should make another page for this..) (also looking back on this months later some of this sounds way too goofy and terribly worded.. but WHATEVER!!!!)(i'll also just make my OWN PLUSHIES SOMEDAY.)

as I was saying CLAMP is the best four people in the WORLD!! I just wish they didn't prioritize ccs more than their other series... I know Gate 7 is like a oneshot but it deserves more!! And X needs a finale... (Imagine all the people who died waiting those 20 years...) Also I think there should be more Duklyon merchandise..... (I LOVE DUKLYON.) I think a Kenpi and Takepon plushie would be fire. Also I WISH I had CLAMP merchandise.... (I made a CLAMP reference in that sentence!) Also, I wish CLAMP had more features on their site like before (well according to the wayback machine) LIKE APPARENTLY THERE WERE QUIZZES. CLAMP QUIZZES!!!! That sounds so cool... They don't even upload fun things on their blog and Nekoi's twitter is down... And I don't think it'll come back... And the CLAMP News account will not be enough for me... I also hope CLAMP has a Duklyon themed profile again because I love Duklyon. Maybe a Tsubasa one would be cool. Or a Horitsuba one.

I just mentioned Horitsuba so now I need to talk about it. HORITSUBA IS SO PERFECT AND SILLY AND AMAZING (besides the fact they added Yui/Fai's brother... that was uneccessary imo.) I love how Yuuko and Fai team up to be silly and fun and bully Kurogane... They're perfect... ALSO I NEED TO KNOW AND HEAR WHAT KUROGANE WAS SINGING IN THE SHOWER. Also. HOW DID FAI RECORD THAT. Fai is so dedicated... Also I need to find the 6th mini chapter thing for it cuz I remember seeing it untranslated somewhere.... there was like a play they were doing in KUROGANE WAS THE PRINCESS and Fai and Fai were the princes..? (I think having them both there is unneccessary i swear.) Also Doumeki was the horse.

Also just a question... Why did Horitsuba have to take place in a place besides CLAMP School. LIKE THEY HAD THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY. And Duklyon could've been in it (smh...)

Im gonna talk about why Duklyon is such an amazing CLAMP series, even though it's just two volumes. Let me explain what Duklyon is first. It is essentially about this bakery in CLAMP school called Duklyon. There are these silly fun students who work there but actually can also turn into crime fighting superheros that defend the school! (EVEN BETTER THAN THE CLAMP SCHOOL DETECTIVES DO!) (They're so excellent they even shown up in chapters and episodes of CLAMP School Detectives.) Anyways. Duklyon's enemy is the Imonoyama Shopping district.. Who always bring in their henchmen and some absurd creature to stall Duklyon as they do horrible things like steal from the cafeteria or kidnap a kindergartener...

Part one on why Duklyon rocks. Duklyon is very cute and has fun, quirky, and silly characters. Kentarou Higashikunimaru is one of the main chaarcters and is also my favorite along with Takeshi Shukaido. Kentarou made nicnames for him and Takeshi also known as Kenpi and Takepon!!!! Pretty fire right. He can come up with some excellent names. Anyways. Kenpi is super good with chores and also is a very good best friend to Takepon and will be his future wife (Kenpi said so himself.) and Takepon is like a tsundere and can't admit he likes Kenpi too even as a buddy and says he hates him all the time and they both get into fun fights but hug in the end (off manga)(I know because I saw) And theres also Eri Chusonji and Kotobuki Sukiyabashi. They're soulmates. See, Eri is like the amazing leader of Duklyon. Shes a little bossy and always whacks Kenpi and Takepon with a hammer if they do something stupid (such as accidentally reveal their secret identities, which Kenpi almost gets away with several times!) And Kotobuki is like Kenpi and Takepons bff! Hes usually with them but sometimes runs off somewhere.. And then shortly after he leaves.. Trouble strikes! YOU GUESSED IT.. HE'S ACTUALLY WORKING FOR THE EVIL IMONOYAMA SHOPPING DISTRICT!!! But.. His disguise is too perfect.. And no one could even guess Kotobuki was evil all along... Anyways. One day Kotobuki lays his eyes on Eri while she yells at Kenpi and Takepon. He immediately is strucken with this disease called love... Kenpi and Takepon are utterly disgusted by the very concept of love. But they have to root for their best buddy Kotobuki! One day, Eri meets Kotobuki and theres this very cute meetcute scene. Eri acts very different around Kotobuki. Shes very nice and shy and silly and so is Kotobuki and its VERY VERY CUTE. And Kenpi and Takepon are the third wheels.... (but they're in love too so it doesn't count.)

Part two. Kenpi and Takepon are soulmates and it's also very silly. See, as I previously mentioned, Kenpi is a future housewife and Takepon is a tsundere... And theyre both very atheletic and also made for each oother. Like Takepon can't do housework very well and I think his family is broke... So Kenpi said he's gonna do all that for him in the future and his dream as a little boy was to be a bride... Im sure hitsuzen brought them together (even in the end!) Also, Kotobuki is jealous of how good buddies they are and even tells Kenpi that they're soulmates! And sometimes Kenpi and Takepon quarrel in the middle of a battle (like when kenpi was wondering where their honeymoon should be!) anyways. They're both cute and fun and they're the best best friends EVER!!!!

Part three. Very good monster of the day esque sorta plot. So Duklyon's first few chapters started off with it being Kenpi and Takepon are in class and are usually doing something stupid and Kotobuki is there and suddenly he makes an excuse to get out of class and then seconds later the call for Duklyon plays on the loudspeaker (their theme song!) and then Kenpi and Takepon have to make an excuse to get out of class too to get to the bakery and jump into the oven to their secret hideout where Eri is waiting and then they talk to the real boss through a screen (and the boss is DEFINITELY not Nokoru A.K.A. the leader of the CLAMP School Detectives!) anyways, every time this happens they usually have to fight monsters and stuff, and there was this one time where something bad happened on the spot and they had to transform without anyone noticing them!! Anyways, I think the way each scene is laid out is very fire and CLAMP always managed to fit something fun in!

Part four. The references!!! I mean I was gonna just mention how CLAMP referenced X twice (like when they were watching the movie that was clearly X and then Kenpi cried cuz hes clearly emotional while watching movies which is so real even though I never cried to a movie in forever!) but theres also the connections to CLAMP school which I mean shouldn't count since it takes place in CLAMP school but everything fits together perfectly. Like theres Nokoru being the boss and then there was the chapter about Akira... I mean the man of many faces.. V.S. DUKLYON!!!! It was fire! And I wish I was Akiras moms because they got to meet Duklyon... lucky! Also his moms are cute and silly. And that chapter was so perfect because Kenpi kept throwing real punches and Takepon was a stiff actor and Akira accidentally made it a little obvious he was actually a thief and it was PERFECT. Also Man of Many Faces is a cute CLAMP series too!!

I would list more reasons but it's 4:28 AM and I can't think of anything (But I am very full of energy and will write other things over here!)


Part 2. (coming soon.........) (Also i may have put this here months ago but i swear i actually have a list....)

Top 100 reasons why I love Tsubasa and XXXHolic

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