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last updated 3/2/24

Hay there me Welcome to my fabulous website.. hai I'm gonna put interesting stuff in here... Take a look around.. yay! I like CLAMP hehe If everything looks giant... ZOOM OUT!! I made this on a really goofy screen so... ya! also I have a guestbook! Please be nice...

Also theres a cat in the corner (you should totally click it.) I named him Fai.... If i ever get a cute black cat in real life one day i'll totally name it Fai. i am BRAINWASHED!!! (in a good and awesome way!)

Also, click here if u wanna know more about me hehehehehehehehe (so mysterious!)

OH AND!!!! my friend is taking comissions!!!!! Please check it out if you have the chance!!!


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i find these funny

Fai is a little goofy (Also i found these on glitter graphics truly a banger website)

dot dot dot... hey.

here are some pictures i found on glitter graphics and geocities!!!!!!!!

ccs sumomo! pudding!! kobato! syaosaku fuu mokona kobato SAKURA!!! sailor moon transformatioN!!! rofl cafe mewmew! nuki sailor moon sakura GILBERT NO!!! yay hooray! misha misha and shia misha dancing!